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Environmental friendly PVC 3G giving birth Simular with BP , ECG for Hospitals training system

Environmental friendly PVC 3G giving birth Simular with BP , ECG for Hospitals training system

Environmental friendly PVC 3G giving birth Simular with BP , ECG for Hospitals training system

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: General Doctor
Certification: ISO/SGS/CE
Model Number: GD/F5600(3G)

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Export standard carton box
Delivery Time: 20 Working Days after Received Your Payment
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Comprehensive Obstetricts Training System Material: Imported PVC
OEM Accepted: According To The Customers' Design Application: Hospitals, Colleges, University
Certificate: CE/SGS Type: Child Birth Simulator
Payment: T/T

Environmental friendly PVC 3G Child Birth Simular with BP ,ECG for Hospitals training system

1. Material:

Imported PVC

2. Color:

Human lifelike skin

3. Logo:

General Doctor

4. Product Name:

Comprehensive obstetrics Training system (3G)

5.Warranty Period:

1 Year

6. Usage:

For simulative birth demonstration

7. Type:

Child Birth Simulator

8. OEM Accepted:


9. Certificate Available:

ISO 9001-2000 /CE/SGS

The system is developed according to the standardization training syllabus of the newest house staff and combined with requirement of clinical skills operation in gynaecology and obstetrics. It includes multiple subjects such as gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatrics, emergency treatment and nursing, which can be divided into puerpera and neonatus system. These two large scale systems cover first-aid knowledge points of the entire labor process, basic nursing, postpartum nursing care and BLS of infant and Mother, ACLS and PLS. It provides classical dystocia cases, e.g, normal labor, cord around neck delivery, breech presentation, shoulder dystocia, preeclampsia, caesarean birth, prolapse of umbilical cord, premature birth and potential hemorrhage before, during and after delivery, which instructs obstetrical workers to identificate different natal stages through partogram, diagnose abnormal labor stages in clinic and deal with it properly; to diagnose fetal distress in time by clinical fetal monitoring and handle it; and to train nursing care and emergency treatment for neonates. The software can self-edit clinical cases, simulate real clinical environment and cultivate students' ability in clinical diagnosis and team cooperation for labor and emergency cases.
A world-leading great vital signs simulating function:
Pupils have automatic light reflex, and weeping, sweat, amniotic fluid, overall cyanosis and twitch can be simulated;
Carotid pulse, radial pulse;
Simulate all kinds of maternity chief complaint; moan, cough and vomit sounds; and real spontaneous respiration authentically reproduces actual scenes of delivery room;
BP, SpO2, ECG monitoring and intrauterine electronic monitoring;
Real anatomical structure, true skin feeling, flexible articulations of the limbs, and available lithotomy position. Belly skin can be unpacked, and there's fetus with flexible articulations, which can realize various fetal positions emergency treatment;
Simulate the whole process from exprectant ,parturition to postpartum nursing :
1.Type-B ultrasonic testing: provide dozens of clinical type-B ultrasound images; observe fetal physiological activities by type-B ultrasonic testing and judge whether placenta is normal;
2.Monitor changes of UC and FHR curves in real time, and auscultate fetal heart sounds to have fetal position examined;
3.The descending position of fetal head is controlled by the software; coordinate modules of antenatal cervical changes and birth canal relation changes to know the conditions of fetal head descent and cervical dilation;
4.Delivery: automatically demonstrate the delivery mechanism of left occiput anterior with spontaneous UC, engagement, descending, flexion, internal rotation, extension, restoration, external rotation, fetal shoulder and fetal delivery, and the delivery speed can be adjusted according to teaching requirements; air pump simulate UC of different intensity and duration; simulate delivery mechanism and states of head visible on vulval gapping and crowning;
5.Simulate normal delivery and breech delivery;
6.Shoulder dystocia: simulate turtle sign; four common maneuver can be trained to solve shoulder dystocia: McRobert's Maneuver, suprapubic pressurization, shoulder rotation, knee-elbow supine position or combined maneuve.
7.Perineum suture: suture and nursing care of median incision, left and right incision vulnus;
8.Basic nursing: catheterization, washing and combing hair, washing face, oral cavity nursing, denture nursing, sputum suction and oxygen intake, etc.
Easy to compile for open system structure :
Dystocia cases training/ assessment: the system simulate classical cases of uterus recovering normal contraction, great postpartum hemorrhage, cord around neck delivery, prolapse of umbilical cord, incomplete separation of placenta, breech dystocia, preeclampsia, caesarean birth, premature, and potential hemorrhage before, during and after delivery; Strong case editing function: according to doctors' different needs for clinical treatment, edit individualized case history to meet the operator's requirement; and real clinical management can be done on the manikin.
Main Functions of neonatal emergency manikin :
Support neonatal trachea cannula, ECG monitoring, venipuncture, CPR, defibrillation and pace-making, etc.
Software can controls hardware and set parameters of neonatal vital signs and make Apgar scores; pediatrician make diagnosis and treatment in time according to clinical features; Manual pulse of five arteries: umbilical artery, right brachial artery, right femoral artery, left popliteal artery and left dorsal pedal artery;
Cyanosis: there are cyanosis changes with cheek, lips, hands and feet, and the cyanosis can be controlled by software.
★ This sign indicates that the functions can be run only when the manikin is used with the optional
Head and Neck:
1. Vital signs simulation: pupil observation, LCD pupil display, diameter range: 1-9mm; Spontaneous
carotid artery pulse, vivid reproduction of patient moaning, coughing and vomiting sound;
2. Many respiration modes: normal breath, sighing breath, Cheyne-stokes breath, Kussmaul-kien respiration and Biot’s respiration;
3. Airway management: standard oral and nasal intubation, tracheotomy; detect intubation position via
Chest and Abdomen:
1. CPR operation training: provide multiple ventilation ways: mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, BVM to mouth; electronic monitoring of airway open, inflation times, frequency, volume and compression times, frequeny, position and depth; English voice prompts during the entire process; after successful rescue, pupil statechange to normal and restore spontaneous carotid artery pulse;
★ Real defibrillation Training
★ Simulative defibrillation and pacing: multimedia animation displays the operation process of medical
defibrillator; used with GD/J880 simulative defibrillating pacer to achieve defibrillation and pacing;
defibrillation energy is selectable
★ Real AED Training
★ Simulative AED: multimedia animation displays AED operation process; be used with GD/AED99F
automatic external defibrillation machine to achieve AED training;
★ Real ECG monitoring: supporting different manufacturers and types of ECG monitor, which can achieve
★ Simulative ECG monitoring: Monitor blood oxygen with finger-piece blood detecting head; simulative
ECG monitoring can be achieved while using with GD/J115 simulative multi-parameter ECG monitor; available of thousands of ECG,
2. Auscultation: Provides dozens of sounds, including normal heart sound, abnormal heart sound, normal
breath sound, abnormal breath sound, normal bowel sound, abnormal bowel sound;
■ BP measurement, venipuncture and vastus lateralis intramuscular injection; highly realistic arm vein; a
discernable “pop” can be felt when entering the veins and blood flash back indicating proper insertion;
skin and blood vessel is replaceable;
1. Simulative injection pump/infusion pump usage: Multimedia animation shows the operation procedures
of injection pump and infusion pump; drugs can be selected while operation
2. Training and examination supporting ECG, emergency scenes, cases, CPR training and examination.
3. Emergency scenes script training /assessment: Dozens of emergency scenes are available, these will
help physicians practice emergency operation procedures of different cardiac diseases.
4. Provide multiple drug treatment and typical auxiliary examination, chest x-ray, ultrasound ECG and
12-lead ECG, etc; Drugs can be added by user-self.
5. Script/cases editing: emergency cases can be edited by user self; pathogenetic condition changes and
students operation process will be recorded in the software
6. Operate PETCO2: confirm tracheal intubation position and monitor the validity of resuscitation
Gravida manikin (for delivery and adult first aid)
Neonatal manikin (for first aid and nursing care)
Fetal manikin (for delivery)
Other auxiliary set
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Environmental friendly PVC 3G giving birth Simular with BP , ECG for Hospitals training system
Environmental friendly PVC 3G giving birth Simular with BP , ECG for Hospitals training system

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